Custom Homes

We believe that a house should be a reflection of the people who call it home. We build houses from foundation through finishing, enabling us to make every detail as unique as you are. With our approach to customization, anything is possible.

We manage the design process to ensure our clients’ needs and desires are reflected in the design right from the start and to streamline the construction process later on. During the construction phase, we take a hands-on approach to the coordination of subcontractors and to cost and quality control to deliver your dream home on time and on budget.

You tell us what you want – we’ll take care of the rest.

Renovations & Small Projects

Make the home that you have the home that you want. ATHC performs both interior and exterior renovations, additions, and repairs. No matter how small the project, we will deliver it with the care it deserves.


You know what you want as the end result – we know how to get there. We provide expert advice on everything from whether a project is necessary to the most cost-effective means of achieving it. For projects that are already in progress, we provide third-party reviews at both the design and construction phase.  

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient design and construction is more important now than ever before. The province of British Columbia is taking steps to increase energy efficiency requirements in the BC building code with the goal of achieving net zero energy restrictions by 2032. In addition to more stringent construction requirements, new steps such as air tightness testing will soon become mandatory.

ATHC has a history in energy efficiency that extends past the company’s inception. Tony Wong, founder and owner of ATHC, has performed demonstrations of energy efficient buildings to educate builders on energy efficiency as far back as the 1970s.

We have been constructing energy-efficient foundations using insulated concrete forms (ICFs) since 1996. In addition to providing better heat retention and lowering associated energy costs, ICFs are also more waterproof than standard stick-build construction.

As energy efficiency requirements become stricter, ATHC has the knowledge and level of care required to ensure your home meets the targets.