ATHC is a local, family-owned company that has been building custom homes on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years.

Founded by Tony Wong in 1987, ATHC originally operated under the name of A & T Enterprises, combining the first initials of Tony and his wife, Anne. That same year, Tony and Anne welcomed their first child to the world and their young family found a home in the first ever house to be built by ATHC. Since then, ATHC has constructed and renovated over 50 unique homes for residents of the Sunshine Coast community.

ATHC officially became A.T. Home Construction in 2004 and is currently owned and operated by Tony Wong and Bryn Wong, a father-son team.

Tony Wong’s expertise includes nearly 40 years of hands-on residential construction experience and direct involvement in all of ATHC’s projects from the company’s inception to the present.

Bryn Wong was raised on the job site, performing small jobs from the age of 14 before obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering from the University of British Columbia. He worked as a site engineer on large-scale construction sites in Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland before returning to ATHC. He brings to the team a detail-oriented focus on quality and efficiency, applying the mentality developed in fast-paced, high-pressure environments to ATHC’s boutique operation.

ATHC’s goal is to build homes for our clients that will feel like the first time they stepped over the doorstep every time they walk through the door. We build long-lasting, high-quality houses to ensure our clients are continually satisfied with both the design and the functionality. We understand that it’s not just a house – it’s a home.

We work closely with our clients to build beautiful homes tailored to individual lifestyles with a focus on maximizing value and reducing unnecessary costs. We will build your dream home at your dream budget.